Why should you care about Selvedge?

Mass produced denim tends to be cheaper in quality and not always parallel in cost. It's important to be educated about the quality of your denim so you don't break the bank on low quality jeans. 

At Jean Shop, we are proud and stubborn denim smiths. We value sturdy, timeless, and honest denim craftsmanship. We maintain the use of traditional selvedge denim the way it was made 150 years ago. 

We combine traditional production with a fixation on progress and innovation. You'll see this focus through every product we offer, from our classic rockers to more updated fits.

Classic, sturdy denim is an American tradition, and we intend to keep the tradition alive.

In a world of fast fashion and thoughtless products, it just makes sense to bet on a product that will age with wisdom and reliability, molding to the wearer.