With a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point moniker: “JEAN SHOP,” and with only one mission: “To make the best (damn) Jeans!” We manufacture the finest denim jeans and workwear for those who desire the utmost in quality and pragmatic style.

The original JEAN SHOP was established in 2003 in the gritty Meatpacking District of New York City by denim veterans Gene Montesano, Barry Perlman, and Eric Goldstein. Opened in a windowless nondescript meat locker in a refurbished slaughterhouse on West 14th.

Like an illicit speakeasy, the shop, concealed behind a blacked-out glass door, with only the iconic JEAN SHOP mascot, the “PIG” in neon above to mark its existence. Within the dim, cavernous space, a warm light reveals another world.

Everywhere you look, stacks of raw, rinsed, and distressed denim jeans draped the brick walls, creating a continuous flow of indigo. The well-worn tones of vintage wood fixturing outlined the space. Antique Persian rugs checkerboarded the room like a recording studio. A discerning musk of leather jackets and washed textile with a splash of Añejo permeated the air. The low-key environment set the stage for JEAN SHOP to become recognized as one of the most authentic American denim brands in the world.