Casey Neistat's first pair!

Casey Neistat's first pair!

Going through the Jean Shop archives is always fun. Look what we found this time...
As many of you know, Casey Neistat has been a long time friend and customer of Jean Shop. Take a look at how this relationship began with Casey's first pair of our jeans.
Casey Neistat's note to Jean ShopCasey Neistat's note to Jean Shop
Casey Neistat's note to Jean Shop
Back in 2007 we received a pair of jeans that were completely shredded and frayed in a bag with a note. The jeans were in a state that was not repairable. Feeling sympathetic for Casey our founder Eric gave him a call and told him to come on in and pick out a new pair of jeans which he did a few days later and decided to write a movie about his experience that was part of Neistat Brothers on HBO. He's been a great customer ever since!
Casey Neistat in Jean Shop NYC Eric Goldstein and Casey Neistat
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